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Fair travel

Guided tours for solidarity tourism

Turkey, Peru, Japan, France, Egypt ... In each country, one of our partners spoke on behalf of the communities and the sector in which he or she works. All of them explain the difficulties encountered and appeal for our support.…

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Sustainable tourism survey

Nature landscape

Sustainable tourism survey

Flockeo facing COVID-19 These are the results of a survey conducted into expert opinion on the development of greater sustainability on the tourism sector during the Covid-19. The results of this expert survey show considerable disagreement over “sustainability” and the…

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Témoignage d'Au milieu de nulle part

Professionals Testimonies

“Au milieu de nulle part” ‘s testimony

"Au milieu de nulle part" 's testimony : We had the opportunity to talk with Chantal Pinteaux manager of an unusual lodging complex as you will discover in the video. She shares with us her feelings about the current situation.…

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