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eco-travel activities on line

FlockEO Moment is a live digital experience between 1 to 1.30 hour of happiness, real contact, sharing, and simplicity.

Moments are experiences of life to share with your friends, family, or in a group as a foretaste of travel. We would like these moments to be very authentic, friendly and interactive!

Meet people from all over the world and share a passion, a desire! Share, learn, and discover new cultures !


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Avis de ceux qui ont testé


Very good time spent, Sri Lanka is a wonderful island and its people very endearing... I will send you pictures of my Sri Lankan dishes!


The Swahili language course was just a pretext in the end... I felt like I was travelling and I had a great time with the Tanzanians and the other French participants!

Lisa et Sarah

Very pleasant evening, a moment of conviviality around a preparation of Scottish cocktails. All the ingredients were there for a successful evening!


We could feel the joy of introducing us to reggae couple dancing made in Brazil on our teachers' faces!

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